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VIP Birth

Oil painting of a village looking up at an angel in the sky. from: PWCD


Written by: m.wilson

In psychic training, “Spirit Babies” are said to be tiny specs of light representing the future manifestation of a child. The presence of a Spirit Baby is an indication of its intention to be born, though of course there is no guarantee of that occurring. These entities are particularly attracted to the emotional habitats of desire and affection where they are generally just hanging around waiting for humans to create them with their bodies. Sexually active individuals are likely to spend their days in the company of Spirit Babies, who are floating around in anticipation of their calling. Therefore, the sighting of a Spirit Baby is a good way for sensitive persons and perhaps those who may encounter the occasional extrasensory experience, to identify the strong possibility of a pregnancy resulting from sex. If birth control is being used, the sudden appearance of a Spirit Baby could mean that the method will fail – the condom could break, an appliance may dislocate, a minute amount of sperm could find its way, etc. Needless to say, if pregnancy is not desired, a person may want to stop and re-think about how they are going about things.

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