Aphrodite (Greek) rules over: Libra and Taurus

Tibullus: “Be bold: Venus herself aids the stout-hearted.”

Planet: Venus is profoundly hot, and the temperatures speedily melt mechanical components; while atmospheric pressure on the ground is over 90 times more forceful than earth at sea level. The Soviet Union sent the last lander on Venus in 1982, which functioned for 57 minutes.

Horoscope: For Libras, a Mars trine brings about formidable powers of passion and attraction. Work will be productive, and Jupiter clears away obstacles. Taurus signs succeed in humanitarian – oriented goals through October, as the Jupiter sextile Neptune brings a time of widening perceptions and broadening minds (café astrology, 2020).

Venera 14 on Venus Painting by James Hervat


~ and following her,
fawning, went both grey wolves and fierce-eyed lyons,
bears and swift leopards insatiable
for deer. seeing them she rejoiced inwardly in her heart,
and in their breasts she threw desire, and they all
lay down together in pairs in their shady dwellings.

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