The Uranus Glyph

Ruler of: Aquarius
Modality: Cardinal
Horoscope: Think about extending your circle of friends. During Jupiter’s retrograde, you’ll feel like re-evaluating your current relationships.

The glyph of Uranus is a cross symbolizing matter and a circle below representing spirit. The semi-circles on either side denote receptivity.

One World Tarot by Crystal Love

This deck associates The Hermit with the zodiac sign Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus in modern astrology. Love explains that Aquarius is associated with “futuristic thinking, invention, genius, originality, science, electricity, and technology.” Uranus is viewed as the planet of change, originality, upheaval, and revolution. Negative traits associated with Aquarius and Uranus include perversity, eccentricity, and fanaticism. Love’s Hermit card depicts Alpha Centauri, “a hermit among the stars.”

– Zanna Starr

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