Time Dilation and Choice

And so, in relation to neurons and rates, why is it that pre-natal development is so much faster than post-natal development? Could it be that fertilization somehow arrives in a speedier state than existing life on earth, being composed of a material that has not yet been exposed to our black hole? And where, the gravity of which, in time, will drastically slow the growth and greatly diminish the development of brand new cells? Meanwhile, the faster the speed of an embryo, the more likely a mother is to conceive.

“Let’s say that 42 consecutive cell divisions take place in the fetus whilst from postnatal period to the end of growth only five more divisions take place.” 


How else does anything get moving on this planet without the help of black holes (and dark energy)? Could fertilization be a different type of collision such as what occurs between galaxies and galactic bodies? 

Galaxies are thought to begin as small clouds of stars and dust swirling through space. As other clouds get close, gravity sends these objects careening into one another and knits them into larger spinning packs.” 


So, do humans die when the body stops moving? Or when the Milky Way does? Like galaxies, death might be understood as the end of production, and/or when they have been sucked into black holes. In 2021 The Print reported that the process of death had been observed for the first time with the help of an ALMA telescope while the galaxy was “ejecting nearly half of its star-forming gas and losing fuel.” Star formation stops due to the loss of materials. Do fertilized eggs also eventually run out of gas and materials?



And so the argument goes. However, spacetime does get flatter as we travel away from the earth and the mass aggregates curving it. Once this happens, the Spacetime metric is said to be almost flat. The Minkowski metric measures more flatly because it considers the time element after the fact – instead of combining time and space as it should in Einstein’s relativity.

If we step back and look at our planet, the majority of what is happening activity and motion-wise, appears to be happening because of  black holes, which could be making us relevant to life, and while the dark energy functions as mediating support. And could it even be possible that animated human energy comes from a place far away? And so, why do pregnancies happen in the wrong space at the wrong time? Could it be space contractions triggering biological responses???????