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The Skyrocketing Costs of Companion Care

Illustration of a white cat with a gray mouse. from: PWCD - pet care.


People are left vulnerable to catastrophic debts as the life of their pet hangs in the balance

Peter Rugg-VOX

Pet owners could end up owing $15,000 for radiation therapy on their “CareCredit” and “Scratchpay” cards following a health crisis. So it makes sense then, for those who can afford it, to purchase pet insurance and select low-interest credit options in advance of highly emotional – emergency financial decisions (VOX, 2019).

Get Your Cat Into Show Business

Morris, an orange Tabby Tomcat adopted at the age of seven from the Human society during the 1960’s, earned millions during his career, and is said to be the original “celebricat.” He played “The world’s most finicky cat” in his role as the 9 Lives Cat Food spokesperson and appeared in two films; a Robert Altman movie called The Long Goodbye and in Shamus starring Burt Reynolds. He is also said to have authored three books, The Morris Approach, The Morris Method, and The Morris Prescription. Morris recently celebrated his 50th anniversary and is still making lots of money.
“9 Lives?!”

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