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The Skyrocketing Costs of Companion Care

Illustration of a white cat with a gray mouse. from: PWCD - pet care.

They Took Mittens Away

It is sometimes almost illegal to allow your cat or dog die a peaceful, natural death surrounded by family members. Authorities may come – a-knocking ordering pet owners to surrender the animal for various reasons. In these cases, it may be possible that euthanasia isn’t as appealing as it sounds to some people. For example, if your pet seems more exhausted, than say tortured in its last days, why let strangers take it away (to do whatever they do)?


An American Breeders Association article What to do when Animal Control Comes Knocking, describes how this is a regular occurrence for professional breeders. Basically, if they can’t get it at the appointment, they may obtain the address the vet has on file and come to your home. The organization recommends taking precautions like: ‘recording the names of all the officers; don’t answer any questions; if the officer injures you, take photographs of the injury immediately.’

The Nature of Us

Is there anything in the Bible about faith – healing animals? Missionaries of Prayer cites Genesis 7:16 stating that if animals weren’t important to God then he wouldn’t have asked Noah to create the Ark. There’s also Isaiah 65, when the wolf, lamb, snake, and lion are (partnered in peace); In Revelation 19, the horses must be in heaven because Jesus is riding one on his way back to earth, the site says. The blog does go on to confirm that death and disease were brought to earth in the first place by humans through sin.   

Famous television evangelist Kenneth Copeland, published a prayer for the healing of animals, which involves recounting how in Genesis, God created all the animals and told Adam to name each of the species. The prayer also avows that God takes care of animals as he took care of the birds in Matthew Ch 6. 

However, some Christian sources say that animals are not for the ‘laying of healing hands.’ A Christianity Today (2008) article used almost the same Bible passages to argue against the notion that beloved pets are “heaven-bound.” The authors criticize Christians ‘with biblical proof that animals (are/will be) resurrected,’ and (throw shade) on Christian authors who publish books like Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates.

Reiki session – “Monty” and “Socks”

Much of Alternative/New Age – type healing involves the channeling of ‘universal energy,’ as discussed in Animal Wellness Magazine. Reiki is one of the most popular techniques, followed by flower essences and crystal healing. The publication admits that these methods are not “proven” to work but confirm that pet health does, in fact, ‘respond’ to such therapies.
With that said, if the origin of all illness is a spiritual malady as many healers claim, what type of situation would that be for one’s pet? Continue…

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