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The Night Witches

From the depths of hell in silence

Cast their spells, explosive violence

Russian night time flight perfected

Flawless vision, undetected

-Sabaton, Night witches


Written by: Peter Anderson

The debate concerning women in combat roles flares up from time to time when the news cycle has slowed. Women's effectiveness in combat is called into question - generally considered 'too physically weak for battle.' (The flip side to that argument might be that 'PMS would make any woman much more terrifying in battle).'

Color poster of WW2 planes in conflict. from: PWCD The Night Witches article - females in combat.

One way or the other, the debate rages on, and nothing gets done. However, during World War 2, a division of all-female bomber pilots made the German lines tremble in fear. So much so that any German that shot down one of these planes was awarded an Iron Cross.

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