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Sexual – Reproductive Health and Rights

Picture of a pro-choice demonstration - 2019. from: PWCD - reproductive health and rights.


Written by: Mori Klin

We have been fighting for our rights for centuries. While it's been nearly three decades since the wave of terrorism occurring between 1993 and 2009; when Dr. David Gunn, one of the first of four abortion care providers, was murdered in the United States (HuffPost, 2017). Today, feminists persevere in agitating for reproductive freedom. Despite several great leaps, baby-steps, and bearable setbacks, our reproductive rights and sexual health remain an argumentative issue. This argument seeks to obliterate a woman’s control over when to deliver babies into the world, the number of children we have, and other decisions about birth, such as those regarding whether one’s father or rapist should assume a co-role as parent.

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