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Race of the Handmaid’s Baby


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The abortion rate of black women has been four times higher than that of white women for the past 30 years. And in 2017, white women produced 2,051,000 live births, which is more than blacks and Hispanics combined, (a total of 1,503,000). An article published by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, “Perceiving and Addressing the Pervasive Racial Disparity in Abortion,” says that these figures denote racial disparity, which they measure by comparing abortion rate statistics to – the years of life lost – resulting from black homicides and premature deaths. However, what may not be currently quantified for study is the racial disparity that has been the very cause of many children being born.

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One of the reasons The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is such a chilling story is the idea of women “delivering” babies in such an impersonal way. The women were not only being forced to give birth, but also because they had to do so and walk away. It is reasonable then to compare the sentiment, in the case of accidental pregnancies – where the father of a child is a different ethnicity, and the female feels additional pressure to “deliver” the child because of its identifiable race, for sociopolitical reasons. Of course, one could not say that this would be morally wrong. But if we are to apply the same rationale used in the study: evaluating issues of racial disparity in terms of unlived years, it would only take one more stretch of the imagination to envision such an occurrence, since the unlived years are used to explain the disparity.


The skin color of a baby is somewhat predictable, in the way that anywhere ‘in between’ both parents is often an indication of a different race. For example, brown eye gene alleles will always dominate over blue alleles, says News Medical Life Sciences. And a child born with brown features will more often be considered ethnic or black. If the father is Asian, there is a strong chance the child will inherit eye folds to some degree, along with black hair, which is also regarded as a dominant trait (scientific literature emphasizes the exceptions).

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Who Gets Abortions in America? The New York Times

Bring the Child to the Race

So then the child is brought to the race, and while within our social society, it perhaps has become more important in some cases, to birth than nurture. Once this happens it will be able to participate in things like ‘playing the game,’ ‘supporting the cause,’ ‘being a neighbor,’ ‘voting yes on 111,’ pay the taxes for 111, ‘helping people move up,’ and so on, as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how well the child is dressed, if it can read, if it “passes GO” – the job is making the delivery, which is the acceptable thing to do. Once this is accomplished we are not really racist in a way people can easily discuss because of this contribution to the establishment. If the woman does not fulfill this requirement – it doesn’t matter how many ‘games’ you played – the ‘causes you supported,’ the people you helped to move up, it may all be nothing compared to the neglectful or absent mother who fulfilled her duty.


This could be good news for women. It is our divine ability to give birth, our gift to society, what we are meant to do on this planet – and all one needs to do is drop the babies off where they belong. These women may enjoy the greatest social success, especially when considering those who take it upon themselves to out women who they suspect have terminated pregnancy. These individuals may find a way to make it known to the public, and in particular to the other races where everyone will understand them because they are talking about children.

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Perhaps pro-choice is a racist decision for many women, but this shouldn’t be assumed of everyone. If a woman decides to terminate a pregnancy and it was conceived with someone of a different race, it’s not always a matter of – letting everybody else in on the joke. That is when certain people can let their hair down and tell you what they always thought – maybe even use derogatory terms. What other reason could there be?

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