Post-war Reconstruction in Afghanistan

5. Conclusion

Nevertheless, Afghanistan is a war-torn country and the state has seen many periods of civil wars and conflicts. However, the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan has paved the path for peace and stability in the region. The above study has analyzed different periods; however, during the King Amanullah and King Zaheer’s periods, women’s rights were supported and advocated. After that women have been subordinate. This study finds that the problem lies in the tribal culture of Afghanistan. The Afghan men view women’s rights as Western agenda to corrupt Muslim women. Moreover, Afghan men also feel threatened by women’s empowerment. This is the reason they want to keep women subordinate to themselves by confining them in the four walls of the house. Similarly, the implementation of Shariah or Islamic law has given little space to Afghan women. Additionally, the illiteracy ratio is high among Afghan women due to patriarchy, early marriages, poverty, and lack of access to schools. Afghan women are also politically suppressed, and the absence of women in the Afghan parliament has bred a plethora of problems. Economic dependency is also the main hindrance to women’s empowerment. Likewise, the Taliban government has little sympathy for gender-sensitive policies. The Afghan penal code and shariah law are contradictory to each other; hence, Afghan women have to go through the trauma of legal assistance.

The patriarchal culture is responsible for gender insensitivity in Afghanistan. And in the post-conflict reconstruction, only international help and force via economic sanctions, along with strict deals, can aid Afghan women. Therefore, this study concludes that post-war reconstruction requires women in decision-making processes. For this, women can be empowered at a local level by education, economic opportunities, and internet access. In a nutshell, the gender-sensitive approach in post-conflict Afghanistan is the responsibility of international players. Through effective and well-thought diplomacy they can bring peace and gender equality to Afghanistan. Afghanistan should be actively engaged in world politics and talks rather than isolating the Taliban government as it would not bring the results that we all are waiting for. BACK <<