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Black, white, and neutral colored illustration of Pluto Greek-Roman God Pluto horoscope - Planet In Horoscope.

Tombaugh Regio: is a vast heart-shaped plain filled with poisonous ice.  It is where, scientists say, vaporous nitrogen-rich winds blow so powerfully, they push the planet’s rotation in the opposite direction.

Dwarf Planet: Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930, (and regio – region in latin). Pluto has little gravity and is constrained in its orbit by Neptune. Eris (dwarf planet-2005) is larger than Pluto. However, for many, Pluto will always be the ninth planet, even though it does not ‘clear the neighborhood around its orbit’ as the IAU has determined. 

Pluto Charon usa size - /space/solar_system/Pluto ...

Plutonian Glyph: is the open crescent of receptivity – partially containing the spirit (circle), above the cross of matter – symbolizing human connection to the beyond, (there is an alternate version).

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Horoscope: Both Mars and Pluto rule over the sign of Scorpio (fixed/water – eighth sign of the zodiac). Intuitive Scorpions are encouraged to interpret forecasts based on associations with either masculine or feminine and aggressive vs. philosophical. This summer, as Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, (the eagle) will benefit from positive thinking and analyzing emotions in the light of day.

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