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Black, white, and neutral colored illustration of Mercury twins with a seated puppet Greek-Roman God Mercury horoscope - Planet In Horoscope.


OVID METAMORPHOSES BOOK 2 [708] High in the dome of Heaven, behold the bright Caduceus-Bearer soared on balanced wings; and far below him through a fruitful grove, devoted to Minerva‘s hallowed reign, some virgins bearing on their lovely heads, in wicker baskets wreathed and decked with flowers, their sacred offerings to the citadel of that chaste goddess. And the winged God, while circling in the clear unbounded skies, beheld that train of virgins, beautiful, as they were thence returning on their way. Not forward on a level line he flew, but wheeled in circles round. Lo, the swift kite swoops round the smoking entrails, while the priests enclose in guarded ranks their sacrifice: wary with fear, that swiftest of all birds, dares not to venture from his vantage height, but greedily hovers on his waving wings around his keen desire. So, the bright God circled those towers, Actaean, round and round, in mazey circles, greedy as the bird. As much as Lucifer outshines the stars that emulate the glory of his rays, as greatly as bright Phoebe pales thy light, O lustrous Lucifer! so far surpassed in beauty the fair maiden Herse, all those lovely virgins of that sacred train, departing joyous from Minerva’s grove.
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Mercury: (Hermes) Son of Jupiter and Maia (nymph and daughter of Atlas).

Planet: One year (orbit) = 88 Earth days; One Mercury day (rotation) = 2 Mercury years – sometimes causing it to appear “retrograde.”

Rules Over: Gemini and Virgo

Horoscope: Gemini – opportunity for a loving relationship this summer, but watch out for troubles with associations and contracts. Virgo – your mood remains sunny and you might seek rewards from work achieved in groups. It’s a great time for business.

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