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Married LGBT Couples and Adoption

Color diagram of parents and a child. from: PWCD - lgbt adoption issues.



One of the most excellent benefits to society stemming from gay marriage, (besides equal rights), is the prospect of abandoned children finding loving homes. Prior to 2016, single male homosexuals could legally adopt in all states. However, in some places like Georgia, Kentucky, and Michigan, there would have been doubt as to whether that person could adopt their partner’s child, for example. On the other hand, gay family adoption would’ve been nearly impossible in the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Michigan. This of course changed because of the Supreme Court decision made on June 26, 2015, Obergefell et al. Petitioners v. Hodges (Director – Ohio Department of Health), when same-sex marriage licenses became recognized in every state. This fundamental status remained until May of 2019 when the US Department of Health and Human Services enacted legislation allowing freedom of religious conscience, which enables faith-based organizations to deny services to LGBT individuals. According to USA Today 2018 (as cited by HHS), the new ‘conscience rule’ currently covers over 8,000 faith-based child-placing agencies nationwide.

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