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Life Is the Birds and the Bees

Color illustration of a triple stacked meat sandwich. from: PWCD Life Is the Birds and the Bees. pro-life vs pro-choice


Written by: m.wilson

‘Venus Died – Earth Survives’

Venus is often called a twin because it shares so many of Earth’s physical attributes. The “sister” of Earth, Venus, was habitable for billions of years before a “runaway greenhouse effect” took hold of the planet around 700 million years ago. The major difference is that Earth is a ‘cradle of life’ while Venus is like hell, with an average temperature of 864F and persistently scorched by acid rain (BBC, 2015).


via National Geographic

Earth’s warming temperatures, also referred to as climate change, are accelerating faster than they ever have in Earth’s history - and more rapidly than life can adapt (National Geographic, 2020). Humans increase the Greenhouse Effect by producing gasses like carbon dioxide, fluorinated gases, methane, and nitrogen oxide, which collect in the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists surmise that when the sun’s intensity increased by 30 percent on Venus, the water evaporated and set about the atmosphere creating this very toxic effect. When the atmosphere heats up, the molecules break down, travel, and convert into all kinds of different things. So when a planet heats up too much, it’s bad.

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