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Barrenness Is Acceptable

Tree of Life with burning red sunlight behind it. Painted by Michel Lang.


Written by Leah Summers-Milne

Last year I was in my doctor’s office - my legs in metal stirrups, exposing myself to the female nurse in the room. She was making idle chit chat as she lubed up the ultrasound wand, which, in my personal opinion, is far larger than it really needs to be. She had a smile on her face, as she was unusually perky considering she was about to shove a wand in my vagina. The last time I got an ultrasound, I was told to have a full bladder. So I had gone out of my way to drink half a gallon of water before coming into this appointment, only to be told that for an internal ultrasound of my uterus, I’d need an empty bladder. This particular day was obviously, not going to go as planned.

The smiling nurse reassured me that she was just checking to make sure everything was in working order, that I didn’t have any visible issues, and to ensure that my new IUD would go in without a hitch. She was also checking to make certain there weren’t any tumors or general abnormalities in my uterus.

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