Summer 2021

Photograph of needles and a petri dish. from: PWCD - queer reproductive rights

Queer Reproductive Rights: Why Should We Care?

LGBT Written by: Arin Hall Meeting my fiancée wasn’t something I ever thought would happen, let alone during a time when I was finally cutting my toxic

Black and white illustration of Indiana state seal. from: PWCD - Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery Will Have That Baby

Domestic Written by: Dorothea James Upon hearing the facts of the Lisa Montgomery case, say from the news or on social media - about the murder of


A circular black and white illustration of 4 different types of "maid." from: PWCD -

The Implications Of “Maid”

SEXES Written by: m.wilson Maid or Maiden is principally defined as virgin – girl – maidservant, and this article focuses on these three basic terms. ETYMOLOGY The word Maid


Illustration of a gray flower - like symbol and two male evolutionary figures. from: PWCD - Rebirth Religions

Five Religions That Presuppose The Transmigration Of Souls

Spiritual Written by: m.wilson and Nedelina Petkova When you think about reincarnation, does the idea kind of make sense? If so, here are five religions containing

Photograph of two Roman statues. from: PWCD - Corporations and State

Corporations and State

Opinion Written by: m.wilson “While corporations have certainly become increasingly powerful and pose a challenge and threat to democracy, I argue that we must understand the inextricable