Spring 2022

Meme photo of zombie cats. from: PWCD - Criminal Abortion Law

Criminal Abortion Law in a Post-Roe World

DOMESTIC Written by: Bree McKenna Conclusion and Areas for Further Research In the absence of Roe's constitutional constraints, there is a complex web of criminal state abortion laws.

Illustration of a domestic woman and a labeled ladder going up into the sky. from: PWCD - Women in the UN report

U.N. REPORT: Women’s Global Progress Much Slower Than Hoped

ACTIVISM By Stewart Lawrence Women are far from having an equal voice to men, and in every region of the world, they are still exposed to various


Race of the Handmaid’s Baby

OPINION Written by: mixsociety.net The abortion rate of black women has been four times higher than that of white women for the past 30 years. And in


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Some Notes on ‘Private Right of Action’

ACTIVISM Written by: m.wilson "The Texas law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May, prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks and

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Body Confidence & My Mind

LETTERS Written by: Charmaine Simmons Body Confidence Body confidence affects all of us. You only need to trawl the Internet to find multiple images of people displaying beautiful