Winter 2020

Brown-toned photograph of 3 Barbies copulating. from: PWCD - Straight Women

Do Phone Sex Lines Exist for Straight Women?

Sexes Written by: Victor Trappe As we know, arousal is not specific to one gender. Both men and women get horny from time to time, and upon

Color illustration of a gigantic nose and lower face with smoggy industrial buildings and green symbols. from: PWCD - Air Pollution and Covid-19.

Polluting the Host

Environmental Written by m.wilson “Increasing evidence supports the association between air pollution and respiratory infections. It has been demonstrated that exposure to air pollutants can induce oxidative


Tan-colored painting of Cambodian dancers. from: PWCD - Transactional Sex.

Can transactional sex ever foster genuine emotional intimacy?

Miscellaneous Written by: Ellie Trotman Transactional or ‘commercial’ sex is a worldwide phenomenon that occurs when a person engages in sexual activity in exchange for material goods.


Black and white photograph of a prostitute in lingerie playing pool.

Wild West Prostitution

History Written by: Peter Anderson As part of the westward expansion of Manifest Destiny during the 1800's, many families traveled from the east coast with the promise

Illustration of a white cat with a gray mouse. from: PWCD - pet care.

The Skyrocketing Costs of Companion Care

Pets Written by: m.wilson Pet owners often describe being ‘caught off guard’ when their animal companion starts showing signs of serious illness. And it's a feeling that