Summer 2020

Illustration by Xhandu in black and white. from: PWCD - Topics: Igbo American...

Lunar Moon

Letters Written by: Ziora Ajeroh  Igbo culture I grew up in a typical Nigerian-American household. My parents both immigrated to the United States from Nigeria in the 1990s;

Black and white illustration depicting Haeckel's version of evolution. from: PWCD -

Summer 2020 Poetry

The Goddess Venus (digital) by Russ Harris via PX "POWER" RACHEL DONOHUE-DUPLER It has become too easy to dismiss our intense power,pulsating,wondering,free.It has become too easy


Color illustration of a triple stacked meat sandwich. from: PWCD Life Is the Birds and the Bees. pro-life vs pro-choice

Life Is the Birds and the Bees

Opinion Written by: m.wilson ‘Venus Died – Earth Survives’ Venus is often called a twin because it shares so many of Earth’s physical attributes. The “sister” of Earth,


Why a relationship is one plus one rather than two

Relationships Written by: Jeimmer E. Padilla Gamarra In his poem, Bolero Julio Cortazar said, So we will never bethe perfect matchthe postcardif we are unable to accept

Dating With a Mental Illness: Interview

RELATIONSHIPS Written by: Meagan Hansen Mental illness is more likely to be suffered by females than males. And despite the fact that one billion