Fall 2021


Green hand with a syringe and a black background. from: PWCD - vaccines.

Where Are the New Herpes Vaccines and How Do They Work?

SCIENCE Written by: Milburn Mcclain and m.wilson Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center In Seattle A massive breakthrough in Herpes medicine occurred several years ago in 2013 when the


A circular black and white illustration of 4 different types of "maid." from: PWCD -

The Implications Of “Maid”

SEXES Written by: m.wilson Maid or Maiden is principally defined as virgin – girl – maidservant, and this article focuses on these three basic terms. ETYMOLOGY The word Maid

Pop art picture of a woman with red lipstick taking a pill. from: PWCD - birth control in third world countries

Empowerment, Resistance, and the Birth Control Pill…

EXCERPT FROM - Empowerment, Resistance, and the Birth Control Pill: A Feminist Analysis of Contraception in the Developing World Miscellaneous Written by: Abigail S. Trombley The advent