Winter 2020

Photograph of two Roman statues. from: PWCD - Corporations and State

Corporations and State

Opinion Written by: m.wilson “While corporations have certainly become increasingly powerful and pose a challenge and threat to democracy, I argue that we must understand the inextricable

Brown-toned photograph of 3 Barbies copulating. from: PWCD - Straight Women

Do Phone Sex Lines Exist for Straight Women?

Sexes Written by: Victor Trappe As we know, arousal is not specific to one gender. Both men and women get horny from time to time, and upon


Tan-colored painting of Cambodian dancers. from: PWCD - Transactional Sex.

Can transactional sex ever foster genuine emotional intimacy?

Miscellaneous Written by: Ellie Trotman Transactional or ‘commercial’ sex is a worldwide phenomenon that occurs when a person engages in sexual activity in exchange for material goods.


Black and white photograph of a prostitute in lingerie playing pool.

Wild West Prostitution

History Written by: Peter Anderson As part of the westward expansion of Manifest Destiny during the 1800's, many families traveled from the east coast with the promise

Illustration of a white cat with a gray mouse. from: PWCD - pet care.

The Skyrocketing Costs of Companion Care

Pets Written by: m.wilson Pet owners often describe being ‘caught off guard’ when their animal companion starts showing signs of serious illness. And it's a feeling that