Fall 2021

Photograph of a statue - a naked full-figured female on the beach. from: PWCD - body confident

Body Confidence & My Mind

LETTERS Written by: Charmaine Simmons Body Confidence Body confidence affects all of us. You only need to trawl the Internet to find multiple images of people displaying beautiful

Photograph of blond female character from Dirty Dancing Havana. from: PWCD - Texas abortion rights and "Dirty Dancing"

All I Need to Know about Abortion Rights I Learned from “Dirty Dancing”

OPINION Written by: Judith Pfeffer Upon closer examination - song, dance, romance, and nostalgia, are not what “Dirty Dancing” is actually about. Viewed by an enlightened, evolved


Green hand with a syringe and a black background. from: PWCD - vaccines.

Where Are the New Herpes Vaccines and How Do They Work?

SCIENCE Written by: Milburn Mcclain and m.wilson Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center In Seattle A massive breakthrough in Herpes medicine occurred several years ago in 2013 when the


A circular black and white illustration of 4 different types of "maid." from: PWCD -

The Implications Of “Maid”

SEXES Written by: m.wilson Maid or Maiden is principally defined as virgin – girl – maidservant, and this article focuses on these three basic terms. ETYMOLOGY The word Maid

Pop art picture of a woman with red lipstick taking a pill. from: PWCD - birth control in third world countries

Empowerment, Resistance, and the Birth Control Pill…

EXCERPT FROM - Empowerment, Resistance, and the Birth Control Pill: A Feminist Analysis of Contraception in the Developing World Miscellaneous Written by: Abigail S. Trombley The advent