Fall 2020

Photo from a film about Pope Joan. from: PWCD - women in the Catholic church

Pope Joan and Joan of Arc: The French Restoration of a Feminine Church

History Written by m.wilson Johannes Anglicus or Pope Joan - (first described in Jean de Mailly's Chronica Universalis Mettensis), and Jeanne d’ Arc - a young mystic

Black and white print of a Baroque - style painting. from: PWCD -


“It’s not that you aren’t capable of making this decision. It’s that you can’t legally make this decision now. In this state, you have to


Black and white photograph of a prostitute in lingerie playing pool.

Wild West Prostitution

History Written by: Peter Anderson As part of the westward expansion of Manifest Destiny during the 1800's, many families traveled from the east coast with the promise


Color illustration of a triple stacked meat sandwich. from: PWCD Life Is the Birds and the Bees. pro-life vs pro-choice

Life Is the Birds and the Bees

Opinion Written by: m.wilson ‘Venus Died – Earth Survives’ Venus is often called a twin because it shares so many of Earth’s physical attributes. The “sister” of Earth,

The Night Witches

From the depths of hell in silenceCast their spells, explosive violenceRussian night time flight perfectedFlawless vision, undetected-Sabaton, Night witches History Written by: Peter Anderson The debate concerning